Philosophy (please read slowly)

you are born as an original - you die as a copy…….?

every person is unique and if you are also blessed with a little talent, so to speak, you are privileged. There is deep inside each of us, I call it a "diamond" or an "energy", -"your energy", which is waiting to be "dug up" and "liberated".

it is one of the most beautiful tasks in a person's life, to file and shape this diamond and thus to build up a special energy. the creative process itself, the experiences you can make, fill you with great satisfaction. you feel an immense power and this allows you to grow even beyond yourself. you often lose track of time in the process, but it is precisely at these moments when everything is magical and flowing, you are closest to your happiness

Nowadays we humans experience a social upheaval and experience through a global crisis, fears, hopes, insecurity, and much more. Since we are also thrown back on ourselves, we can get out of the hectic pace of our everyday life and feel more what is essential for us and make better use of our potential.

Slowing down helps to get into our own center, that means to come into our strength. the way inwards gives us the answers.

making music, singing, dancing, painting, writing and all activities that you do with passion help you in the "very moment" to come into the now.

The Joy you achieve makes you shine like a star when you are in your element ... you are authentic.

to create my own songs and to perform them in front of an audience, fills my self with great HAPPYNESS, I try not to copy someone or to want to be like ................

it gives me meaning for my unique existence

I am who I have always been, only ON a WINDING PATH,  I  found back home, to my core called myself.

- there    is     no     goal   to    reach -
i'm always on the Move, as long as i am, on my earthly journey .......

I can say with a smile:   "i  did  it  my  way" …